Thursday, January 8, 2009

Hanging out and scrubbing up

The last week has been full of hanging out and scrubbing up. Hanging out with friends and family, hanging out at home (I read Pride & Prejudice again), and, of course, hanging out washing.

The last few days have been also full of scrubbing. Scrubbing things down after vomiting children, bleeding noses, and icy poles (I'm rethinking the berry element in them now). I'm also considering buying the children only brown clothes and sheets from now on. And definitely brown socks!

Today's WIP: a wristlet purse to match Nicki's dress (yes, it's the same material, just different light). Don't ask me why I'm doing this with sick children - I might have to plead insanity! Now to find a matching bracelet to hook in...

the purse

the dress

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