Thursday, November 24, 2011

More loveliness

This time oldest sister is brushing and doing the hair of her little sister. Makes my heart warm!. :)

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Scenes of colouring

These two are not only colouring the same picture, but sharing the same chair. Oh, so sweet!

And this beautiful scene was captured first thing in the morning. The children occupying themselves before their parents make the effort to stumble out of bed.... Ahhh. :)

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

We did nothing today

I find it interesting that when a friend or grandparent comes in the door and asks the children what they have learnt in 'school' today, the answer is often "nothing, really, except a page of maths". (Why is it always on a day when we haven't done much 'formal' schooling??) I roll my eyes and think of all the 'nothing' that they did today.

My eldest daughter did another puzzle (1000 piece); read a book (which led to a spontaneous discussion about WWII); created a complicated game with lots of drawing, cards, and other features, then tested it out on her siblings; got lots of fresh air and exercise on the trampoline and swings; created a drama performance or game on the trampoline; organised or baked something; created a Lego structure (often with an ancient Rome/Greek theme at the moment).

My son (after getting himself dressed, breakfasted, and jobs done before anyone else was up in the morning) delved into one of his favourite non-fiction books for a while then later came and told me the difference between one type of ant and other; spent time breaking apart rocks then came to show me how some were flaky, some were layered, some hard, some soft; made lots of Lego cars; played a dozen word games with his little sister (which involves teaching her how to read); drew a picture for his mother.

Littlest chicken at least has lots to say - about all the games outside, what she watered and planted with mummy, what she made with the play-dough, what babies she put to bed where and what ailments they are suffering from...

So yeah, lots of 'nothing' done here today.