Wednesday, November 2, 2011

We did nothing today

I find it interesting that when a friend or grandparent comes in the door and asks the children what they have learnt in 'school' today, the answer is often "nothing, really, except a page of maths". (Why is it always on a day when we haven't done much 'formal' schooling??) I roll my eyes and think of all the 'nothing' that they did today.

My eldest daughter did another puzzle (1000 piece); read a book (which led to a spontaneous discussion about WWII); created a complicated game with lots of drawing, cards, and other features, then tested it out on her siblings; got lots of fresh air and exercise on the trampoline and swings; created a drama performance or game on the trampoline; organised or baked something; created a Lego structure (often with an ancient Rome/Greek theme at the moment).

My son (after getting himself dressed, breakfasted, and jobs done before anyone else was up in the morning) delved into one of his favourite non-fiction books for a while then later came and told me the difference between one type of ant and other; spent time breaking apart rocks then came to show me how some were flaky, some were layered, some hard, some soft; made lots of Lego cars; played a dozen word games with his little sister (which involves teaching her how to read); drew a picture for his mother.

Littlest chicken at least has lots to say - about all the games outside, what she watered and planted with mummy, what she made with the play-dough, what babies she put to bed where and what ailments they are suffering from...

So yeah, lots of 'nothing' done here today.

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