Friday, March 13, 2009

R.I.P toy monkey

Sweet littlest chicken has been very sad today. Her much, much loved little toy monkey has been loved to pieces (quite literally). And they don't appear to make them anymore, so I can't even subtly replace one for another.

Do you remember a favourite toy when you were little? I had a little dog called spot, and I was devastated one day when I left it at school and had to go to sleep without it. Oldest chicken has a little bear which she can't do without at night, and middle chicken swaps between a soft turtle and shark. I find it fascinating that the favourite toys are not the gorgeous plush ones, but the scruffy funny looking ones. Boy, was that monkey ugly! But well loved.

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Nicki said...

I had a pink teddy once that I took everywhere with me, until one day I left it on a plane and couldn't get it back. I was devastated, but luckily my Nana came to the rescue with another just like it, and Mum sewed a pink ribbon onto him so I could wear him around my neck. I still have that teddy!