Thursday, June 18, 2009

Watering is good for the soul

I was feeling a little low this morning. So many new trees bitten by the frost. So many things broken (don't believe those types of crockery that say they won't break - everything breaks on tiles), and the almost-3-year-old being very almost-3 (grumpy).

Then I stepped outside to water some plants, and found myself catching glimpses of beauty.

A new rose,

some pak choy poking their shoots out through the dirt,

a new apple tree basking in the sunshine.

And then I heard my boy counting to 200 again. There's something so heartwarming about children discovering things on their own, and the way they celebrate it by repeating it over and over....

And I saw my big girl making puppets for her little sister.

And just now we have had a very quiet lunch due to the children listening very hard for a noise from our guest - a click beetle.

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