Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Dogs, Family and Fashion (in no particular order)

I have neglected to tell you some of our biggest news lately - we have more family in town now! Very exciting. Don's brother and family moved here recently. I can't believe how many cousins the children have to play with now - I had none (within 1200km, that is)!

Ah, we do love our dog, Jack. He is on a chain still due to his leg healing from yet another operation... (ca-ching! $$). There is one thing I don't like, though - the holes he digs. And my question for the day is: what happens to the dirt from the hole?? Why is there a hole there with no sign of dirt to put back in?? It must be sprayed far and wide, I'm telling you.

And we're looking after Jack's brother, Noah, at the moment while my sister is away. He's a sweet little thing, and boy can he jump! And did I see there...

... Yes, I did. The latest fashion statement. Floral shorts over tracksuit pants. Ah, to be 3 again...

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