Monday, December 7, 2009

Wildlife in the house

A day of 'raised dust' again today. Only one person in our neighbourhood was crazy enough to hang clothes on the line outside today. Oh, er.. yes, it was me. Never mind, in this 40degC heat it's dry in half an hour. (If only I'd left it there for only half an hour...)

After we found a frog in our bathroom last night, Don and I were pondering the different wildlife we have had in the house since we arrived:
  • Plenty of spiders,
  • a few scorpions,
  • a ridiculous amount of crickets,
  • a huge centipede,
  • the usual troop of ants,
  • a few mice - one for which we re-enacted Rapunzel, but with a rope (ie let a rope down into the exhaust fan so it could climb up and escape), so that we wouldn't have to take the kitchen apart to extract a dead mouse...),
  • the odd frog (one which started hopping around inside our skylight in the middle of the night, and also needed to be rescued...,
  • and a naughty dog.

Not too bad, really. I could have done without the scorpions and white tail spiders..

In other news, the Christmas tree is up, and littlest chicken swallowed a button yesterday. At least she didn't stick it up her nose again. I'll let her body do the removal this time... And speaking of buttons, we have been making Christmas decorations out of buttons. Not quite Martha Stewart, but very useful for replacing the rapidly dwindling decorations on the tree (we've averaged about one a day for breakages...).

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