Friday, January 8, 2010

Handmade gifts

I didn't make much for Christmas this year. I gave each of the nieces and nephews a vintage tin with seeds to grow, a notepad with their name on it (we had fun with silicone for those), and some little chocolates. For the two littlest ones I made 'emotional' bean bags. Brothers and sisters received hand-stamped candles (forgot to take a photo), and parents received their goodies in a hand-made Christmas bag.

I can heartily recommend co-operative games. We bought the children each one for Christmas and it's so lovely to play with each other, rather than against each other! We also bought them cheap-cheap-cheap little mp3 players on eBay, which entertained them marvellously during all the holiday travelling.

My sister gave us this sign for the gate - very funny (and appropriate)! And I have a nice little pile of books I plan to keep my nose in today... (wish me luck!)

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