Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Ever since our oldest girl has been a little baby we knew that we were going to be dealing with allergies. She always reacted very strongly and instantly to any dairy that came her way - with the first touch to her tongue she would start to swell and itch, her nose would run, her eyes would swell closed, her body would itch, she would have trouble breathing. It was all quite scary and we have always carried antihistamine and epipens around with us everywhere. I have always taken her food with us everywhere, because the risk of contamination elsewhere was just too great.

We have been praying for a while for freedom from allergies, and during the last week we have been sharing some exciting stories of healing with our girl. She was inspired by them and as we prayed for her she decided it was time to declare that she was healed and ask Jesus if it was the right time to try some dairy. The next morning she bounced out of bed and asked to try every bit of dairy in the house. She started with ice cream, yoghurt, butter, cheese. By the end of the day she had pretty much had in great quantity anything that had every caused her trouble, and she was absolutely fine. We even went out as a family to have ice creams the next day (a first for us!) and she relished every single lick of hers! It's a complete miracle, and we are so grateful to Jesus for healing her body - like he said, he's come to set the captives free.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, how awesome...such an answer to prayer!!