Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I love canvas

It was chicken no.1's birthday on Saturday. Nine years old! Oh, how time flies... (I want to write about how cute and lovely she is, but I can't - I'd get in trouble...) She is still very much into puzzles. Funnily enough, she hasn't really been interested in reading much lately, unless it was a quick book she could read in 1/2 an hour. And I bought so many lovely books this year for our curriculum! (*sob*!) I was repeating lots of calming thoughts to myself about seasons of learning, etc, etc. Then she picked up Lord of the Rings to read. Ok then. The longer I do this homeschooling thing, the more I realise that when I just step back and let them direct their own learning they get a whole lot more out of it.

Chicken no.2, our boy, has discovered the Deltora Quest books now. He's a good reader too, but not really interested in sitting down and reading a book, unless it's non-fiction. He has really been enjoying this series, though, so it's on our recommended reading list for boys (and girls).

Littlest chicken and I have been painting lots of canvases. Lots. We made this butterfly art today. Very fun! She painted on sturdy paper with watercolours, then we cut it into strips and punched butterflies out of it. The leftover strips we then laminated to make bookmarks.

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