Tuesday, August 9, 2011

And back to winter again...

The weather has turned chilly again, but it's raining which is wonderful. We have been doing a few indoor projects - one of which is this world map on canvas. I can't remember which blog I saw this on first, but it looked really good! In reality it's really difficult to stick the map on without any creases, and it's tricky to get it all sitting nicely when you've used cheap canvases like I have which are a little shy of square.... But it was good enough for our wall, I think. And will prevent that nasty curled corners look which all our other maps get eventually - probably from children constantly brushing past them.

The map also had an array of flags from around the world, so I decided to stick them up on some canvas too. See, I really am addicted to canvases at the moment!

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