Thursday, November 21, 2013


Well, I don't know where Spring has gone. It's over by the feel of current weather.

We're ploughing through the last few weeks of schooling for the year. I'm ready to quit, but the children are still going strong - what's with that?? It's partly do to with discovering an online maths program that suits them much better - especially eldest chicken has a lot more control over her learning. But it's shown me that she can do an entire year's maths in one term if she puts her mind to it... so the bar might be a little higher for next year, eh? And she's also shown me that a bit of chocolate-type rewarding turns a reluctant science student into one that can get 100% in her tests. Hmmm.... amazing what the right motivation can do!

Apart from that I seem to have been bitten by the sewing bug again. There's been a bit of quilting going on.

And the odd bit of photography.

And campaigning for the release of child asylum seekers from concentration camps. Oopps, I mean detention. The children at church helped with this banner. One of the girls did the gorgeous yellow swirls.

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