Thursday, October 30, 2014

Knits for the puppy

Children are still knitting up a storm. Eldest chicken turned her attention to the dog, and knitted him a jumper. Very cute. And so time consuming! May audio books were listened to during this project. The weather doesn't lend itself to jumpers at the moment, but we managed to sneak it on for a quick photo shoot!

My son is holding one of his knitted projects in this photo - a wacky & cute little rabbit. He knits like he does everything - fast and precise! :) He was pondering a fork today, and said "I'd really like to bend this out of shape, but then it wouldn't stack neatly in the drawer with the others." LOL

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Anonymous said...

Ah...The audiobooks were great! I think the last one was Wyrd Sisters. Yup that dog coat took a looong time to knit, it was worth it though.