Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Welcome to Autumn

One more day of schooling left this term. One. More. Day. Ahhhh. Everyone has been going well, but there's some projects looming that I want to get stuck into.

The children are still knitting up a storm. The blue chipmunk in the previous post was given to me for my birthday (awwww!). I've had to put up some shelves for all the knitted love gifts being given. So sweet! I have been trying to crochet a rabbit. I might finish it one year.

Eldest chicken was starting to look like she was behind in her reading list this term. Shocking, I know. But seeing as she's in the middle of Les Miserables I thought I'd let her off the hook. Very kind, I know. I'm letting her watch snippets of the movie as she reads too, which I think has increased her enjoyment of the book. She loved reading Jane Eyre and Wuthering Heights this term as well. It's so nice to enjoy the same books!! Some of her book choices for this year scare me a little, though. I'm not sure I'm quite prepared for Beowulf, to be honest.

We joined the gym this term. I never thought that would happen, but I just wasn't getting enough exercise. My boy is now chasing me down the lanes at the pool. Cheeky fellow. I think our two littlest chickens would do sport (and music) all day if given the opportunity. They have all been saving their pocket money lately to buy music - Piano Guys, Lindsey Stirling, Peter Hollens. Littlest chicken would like to learn violin as well as ukulele and piano, but I'm wondering just how many things it's sensible to fit into a week (and a budget). Hmmm.

I'm trying to whip up enthusiasm for an assignment for college. The history of design is so much less exciting than actually creating things! Ah well.

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Anonymous said...

Nice pictures! Nutsy is in the perfect position. Just saying, I'm not behind at ALL in my reading list, I'm ahead by 16 books!
Chicken No.1