Friday, August 28, 2015


Some things I'm thankful for today:

Sunshine. And being able to drag school books into it so it can be thoroughly enjoyed. Here she is with her new glasses! I love the interesting way her mind works: "Mummy, what if money actually grew on your skin like warts and you had to cut them out to use it?" Ah. Yes, indeed. An interesting question.

Music. I'm so thankful to have this electric piano, and I love listening to my son play it.* He likes to experiment with everything. What would this piece sound like if I played it up a tone? Or added some incidental sharps? What about with this rhythm? Or on pan pipes? And sometimes when the experimenting goes on and on I can say "I love what you're doing there, but can you put headphones on now please?" :)

He's an interesting boy, this one. Always had a great focus on things (that he's interested in). Apart from showing him correct posture at the piano he's never had any lessons. I give him some tips every now and then, but he's very self-driven and has pretty much taught himself. I really love the fact that he can so freely explore on this instrument. Lessons have been great for other instruments, but he's never wanted them for piano and now I'm very thankful for that.

Stories. So many of them flowing from my daughter's brain! With ideas that make me laugh out loud. I was sorting through some cupboards the other day and found her first written story - one of my favourites - "The Lick of Time", about a dog with a magic tongue that licked people and sent them back in time. Love that imagination!

The hammock chair. So many lovely quiet moments in this spot. Listening to the birds. Watching the pear flowers flutter by in the breeze. Snuggling in with a book. Ahhhh.

*I love hearing all my children play music, don't get me wrong! I was just enjoying this particular example today.

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Jemma Tainsh said...

Oh dear. Mum, you shouldn't tell people about the Lick of Time on the internet.
I am a teenager now you know.