Thursday, July 24, 2008

My first blog....

I feel I should say something profound for my first post... I can't think of anything, except how I should be cooking dinner instead of staring at the computer screen! I hope this will be a good way of keeping people up to date on what our family is doing. And give you a glimpse at just how much sewing I do instead of housework... (I won't mention the cushion ties, aprons, and texta wraps I made today, and how the sink is full of cold washing up water from lunch time...).

A little glimpse into life in our house today: chicken no.1 has basically been drawing all day (except for a bit of maths work in the morning), chicken no.2 is running around with a 'gun' he made by clicking his textas together, chicken no.3 has taken the wheels of several toy cars, eaten some foam, and run wildly up and down the hallway all afternoon. And yes, I've been sewing and knitting and avoiding housework.

Until next time!

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