Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A good read

I have been avoiding my sewing machine a bit lately. Littlest chicken's quilt is still hanging over me... but I'm not overly inspired to sew any more of it at the moment. I did make a bag, however, which was a bit of fun.

Mostly around here it's been reading, reading, reading. My own reading has been along the lines of Jack Deere, Bill Johnson, Mark Virkler. Very inspiring. Oldest chicken has been lured away from Famous Five periodically to read something else - Misty of Chincoteauge by Marguerite Henry was declared to be just as good as Famous Five - high praise!! I'm amazed by how often she re-reads books. She has gone for her second round of The Secret Garden, and various Patricia St John books lately. I personally like to leave a few years gap between re-readings, but maybe it's a childhood thing to do something over and over again? Chicken no. 2 is enjoying reading his 3 letter words from Hop on Pop, and littlest chicken likes to point at numbers excitedly and give them some random value (eg point to a 6 and say "it's a 2, mummy, it's a 2!").

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Tamara said...

Such a cute bag!