Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A storm passing

We took advantage of the stormy weather this morning to make up some storm poetry and use the water colours.

Here is chicken no.2's poem:
The thunder is like drums
It sounds like rocks cracking apart
The lightning is like the sun in space
The rain sounds like loud things, like hail
The rain makes it look foggy outside
The leaves on the trees are coming off
The branches on the trees are blowing
I'm glad I'm inside

Here is chicken no.1's poem called 'Grass is whispering':

Grass whispers
Rain is running around
Thunder is fighting the rain
Lightning is playing
Wind howls
Trees are whispering just like the grass.

And mine:

Leaves whirl and dance
Wind howls
Rain applauds the show
As the storm brothers chase each other across the sky
One, impulsive, eager and dramatic
The other, cumbersome, yawns and grumbles
Then, gathering energy, bellows and roars after the other

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