Monday, April 20, 2009

Kestrels and lemon butter (not in the same dish)

It has been a very blustery morning. The autumn winds are certainly here. Everything on the washing line is double-pegged, and flowers bloom one day and are blown away the next. It is lovely weather for running around outside with a ball; flying a kite; spending hours jumping on the trampoline; or simply lying, face up, and watching the clouds roll by.

It was a good morning for sighting kestrels - a couple sat on our fence posts and politely waited for me to take a photo with the pathetic zoom on my camera. I do wish they would come by a bit more often and eat up all the mice and snakes.

And it was a good morning for making comfort food: lemon butter and bread. Mmmm... I think I've had my sugar dose for the month, now!

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