Thursday, April 30, 2009

Today's discoveries

Well you'll be glad to know (or not!) that today I have already made my bed, hung out the washing, mopped the floor (strictly speaking it was at 11:15pm last night - don't ask), and watered the veggies (although that was actually the rain, not me).

Don't little broccoli's look like butterflies?

And I have made some interesting discoveries already:

1. One of my gum trees (that I specifically looked at last night and thought "No, that one is big enough not to need a tree guard now") was demolished by $&@#*! rabbits last night.

2. I really need to use the lock on my bathroom. I discovered this as I was shouting instructions through the shower screen on how to make a bar graph. (Her keen-ness to get through her maths directly proportional to her desire to get back to her book Ginger Pye - yes we finally ran out of Famous Five!)

3. Cutting a big hole in a nappy is a really great trick for toddlers who absolutely refuse to go to the toilet without their nappy on. Toddler happy. Mummy happy.

Peek-a-boo strawberry!

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