Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Don't bother inhaling

We had a wonderful downpour of rain last night, with winds that tried to blow away everything not tied down, but today all we can see is thick dust in the air. Everything is dusty and dirty. It's disgusting. The children are not allowed to go outside, and I took pity on the dog and let him come in the laundry.

The Bureau of Meteorology calls it 'Areas of raised dust'. The NSW goverment website merely calls it 'Particles', although in it's defence it does use the colour red to describe hazardous air quality. ABC rural weather calls it a 'heavy dust haze', which is rather more meaningful. I think they should say 'Don't even think about stepping outside today, let alone breathing!' I went to get the mail with a scarf tied around my face, and still felt like I needed a shower when I stepped back inside. Yeuuuck.

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