Monday, September 7, 2009


14degC outside. And plenty of rain - thank you, God!

A good day for a tidy up inside. Starting with the activity shelves. These are sooo useful for pre-school / kindergarten aged children. The shelves currently have:
  • some simple puzzles
  • dominoes
  • craft punches
  • a photo albumn
  • colourful wooden blocks
  • coloured dice (they love this one - don't ask me why!)
  • matchsticks to feed through a hole in a box
  • playdough with a few accessories (the one most played with)
  • a box of cheap toy cars
  • shells
  • buttons
  • beads
  • rock collections
  • bottles and a dropper to transfer liquid from one container to another
  • seed pod collections
  • magnetic pictures and letters (with board)
  • a small blackboard (mostly used for water painting)
  • a good supply of messy mats

We also have an activity box outside, as that's where they play most of the time. It has chalk, dirt trucks, and gardening/digging tools.

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