Friday, August 15, 2008

Chocolate Friday

I've just been trying not to eat an entire block of Green & Black's chocolate... which is hard, seeing it's SOOOOO yummy, and the blocks are rather small.... (We won't comment on the chocolate cake I ate this morning....)

We saw a whopping great hare outside this morning. It appears there is a hole in the fence, which was great for the hare to escape, but means it can get back in again just as easily. Just as long as it doesn't eat my beautiful new broccoli, or I might be applying for a gun licence!!

I'm enjoying the sun streaming in the windows at the moment. It's nice to curl up with a magazine and have a little snooze... Chickie no.1 has spent an industrious rest time (a compulsory after lunch activity in our house for mother's sanity...) making another game, complete with tiny people and cars. :) The phrase 'pig in mud' comes to mind. Now that chickie no.3 is up from her nap (yay - she did sleep today!) she is having fun with my sieves... Toys really are completely wasted on her. And the boy who loves his sleep is still asleep... I'm going to have to grit my teeth and wake him up soon. He's normally very easy going, except when I do his chores for him, or wake him from a nap. Then he very much resembles a bear with a sore head.

I've been making so many things lately, but haven't been able to post any pictures of them as they are mostly birthday gifts and haven't been given yet. I'm going to risk it today, though (If your birthday is this Sunday, then stop reading right now!! That's you, Inn. No peeking!!), and show you a little purse I made which I'm quite pleased with as the shape came out quite nicely. (Thanks to Lisa for her wonderful tutorials on purses and bags.)

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