Friday, August 8, 2008

Flu season

It's been a long week - we've been going down one at a time with the flu. It's really hard to believe sometimes just how many boxes of tissues you can go through in a week. Or how quickly you can go through those bottles of children's panadol. Nasty fevers with this flu, tell you what.

Anyway, despite this there have been nice moments this week, one being that we have seen Nankeen Kestrels flying around our place again. One day one of them was perched on our fence and we were able to get quite close. I was fascinated by it's bright yellow claws. I love watching them dive-bomb the mice in the field next to us.

I've been quite glad to take a break from sewing this week. The last two things I made before I came down sick I made really stupid mistakes with and was just about ready to throw them in the compost (well, you have to put them to some good use!). I think I'll hide them in the back of a cupboard for a while so I don't have to look at them! Thankfully the two things I made yesterday turned out very nicely, but I can't show you because they are gifts and haven't been given yet.... So instead here's a photo of chickie no.1 in the apron I made for her (which did work very nicely: thanks to the MayFly for the pattern), busy making a pompom for her little sister.

Speaking of making good use of things, check out this prolific veggie patch belonging to our friends Renee and Mark in the States! Some people just have green thumbs. (Time for a holiday in Australia, eh, Renee?)

Mind you, our veggie patch here is prolific too. Just that it's mostly with grass, rather than veggies....

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