Sunday, August 3, 2008

Discovery Sunday

I made a couple of discoveries today. The first one being that 2 year olds and knitting don't mix (I know, you did try to warn me, Nicki). Although I was glad the knitting was handy when she fell asleep on my lap. The poor little thing is not well at the moment.

The second discovery was that some peas and broccoli have started appearing in the veggie patch! I took some pictures because I'm so proud of them! Our 6 year old (chicken no.1) discovered how much better fresh peas taste than those from the supermarket.

Our 4 year old (chicken no.2) discovered that you can go so much faster without training wheels! For the first time we made it all the way around our riding/walking circuit without any complaints or having to push him on the bike!

And here is a little clown dolly that I made from my niece's blankie, hiding in the bag ready for her birthday suprise. I hope she enjoys the dolly as much as the blankie!

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