Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Lazy, sunny days

On Sunday we had lunch with our friends Inn & Adrian and family. It was such a nice afternoon: lovely company, gorgeous weather, fantastic food.... *sigh*

We've spent most of this afternoon out in the sunshine. I'm trying to get that darn grass in the veggie patch under control. The children have been setting up a shop and trying to convince me to buy my own watering can and flowers from them! I have serious doubts about the produce from our veggie patch making it to the table - so far we've just been eating the peas and broccoli straight from the plant! Ah well, best raw & fresh as they say.

We were at the doctors earlier in the day, and I asked the nurse to check out a big black spot in littlest chicken's eye, that she had not allowed me to get out. After much kicking and screaming she managed to extract, can you believe it, a dead ant! How the heck do you get an ant in your eye?? When chicken no.2 was this age I was quite expert at extracting rocks and things from his nose, but ants in the eye is a new one for me!

No sewing photos today - it's either boring or top secret!

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