Saturday, November 8, 2008

Gingerbread & frogs

I had a lovely time at a Gingerbread House making night last night. Nothing like going out somewhere with a bunch of good friends and being creative. My method with making the house was to use lots of icing and just slap the lollies on in whatever pattern came to mind at the time, but let me tell you, some of these ladies plan. I mean, seriously plan. If I had taken my camera I could have shown you just what kinds of houses some of these ladies made - they were works of art!! Ah well, you'll have to be satisfied with a piccie of my little house, complete with broken icicles (which Robyn tells me are not really a romantic spectacle on a house at all, but a sign of bad insulation) and broken front fence. Ah, it was fun, though! Next year my plan is to ditch the lollies and bring packets of (organic & peanut free) dried fruits & nuts. And probably make my own gingerbread too. Then my children will actually be able to eat it!

I'm finding frogs everywhere around the house at the moment. Lovely green tree frogs. One has taken up residence in my watering can again. Which is, you know, lovely and all that, but does makes it a little difficult to water the seedlings in the morning! This little fellow was determined to snooze, despite the children fighting over turns to 'pat the froggie'.

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