Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A new resolution

Cuppa, anyone?

I have made a new resolution today. Wait for it - it's very profound: I'm only going to pour myself cups of tea (as opposed to mugs) because the majority of the time I only get through half a mug anyway (if that). I wish I could blame the children, but unfortunately it's mostly sewing which distracts me. And who wouldn't want a cuppa when they have a pretty cup like this to drink from? So there you go. You're glad you dropped by to read that, aren't you?

On a different note - my word for the day is abstruse. Anyone know what it means? I found it in the thesaurus when I was looking up profound. Abstruse is such a groovy sounding word. My favourite word when I was a child was obstreperous. Did you have any favourite words? (No, I'm not going to tell you what it means. Here, look it up.)

Check out the growth on this pumpkin vine over 3 weeks - nothing prepared me for how fast it would grow! I don't think the veggie patch is going to be big enough for 4 vines! Speaking of veggie patches, click here for a link to lots of interesting Diggers Club articles. One, titled "It's now or never" says 'By growing your own food at home not only will you cut down CO2 by up to 20% but home grown vegetables use 90% less water than a basket of commercially grown food'. Not to mention how much nicer they taste.

Ah, and after a short tea break I remembered the other reason why I don't finish my cups of tea, and it's all children - launching themselves at me, wanting to have a taste. Sitting down for a quiet cuppa is to children like a red flag to a bull!

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