Saturday, November 22, 2008

Thinking about Christmas?

If you're thinking about handmade gifts for Christmas here are two lovely lists for you to peruse, from the Little Travelers, and the Crafty Crow. (Click on them)

And of course if you want to give a gift with a broader impact, you can visit GFA, or Tear Fund.

(Of if you want to buy a bunny/dinosaur heat pack or handbag you know where I am... tee hee!)

I've already finished and wrapped all our gifts, bar one. (I know, I know, I'm a bit crazy like that). This is where my mum will tell the story of when we left Papua New Guinea I was packed and ready 4 weeks early... What can I say? I seemed to get an extra dose of the organisational gene. Although you probably wouldn't know it if you looked in the study at the moment.... Possibly also because I also have the nasty habit of staring about 20 projects at the same time... Hmmmm.

And here's a peek in the garden again. I tried my hand at hand pollination of the pumpkin flowers, and here's some results:

I don't think it was actually necessary to do the hand pollination, as the bees seem to have quite happily done quite a few others, so I'll probably not bother in future.

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