Saturday, November 1, 2008

Quilts & Plants

Inspired by her brother's new teddy bear quilt, chicken no.1 made another dolly quilt. FYI: for those who also have little girls wanting to make dolly quilts, I simply lay out a square of calico, and my daughter places all the pieces where she wants them to go, she pins them in place, then I zigzag stitch around the outside of the pieces.

And check this out: our Wollemi pine tree had strange little knobs on the end of it's branches for ages, then yesterday they all popped open to reveal very soft new leaf growth! It looks quite strange, as the rest of the leaves are dark green and very spiky. I was quite fascinated by it, and amazed to think of all the creative ways God made plants to grow. I've also been quite excited about all the little sweet corn, bean, and carrot shoots popping up in the veggie patch now.

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