Sunday, November 16, 2008

Hats off to the garlic

I'm sorry, but don't these garlic flowers look like they're losing their hats?

And what about the groovy bend on this one? (No commenting on weeds allowed!)

(Am I the only one fascinated by my veggie patch?? Is it a bad sign of things to come?)

Oh, and the pumpkins. Oh, the pumpkins. A wise person might perhaps have done a bit of research before the planted them. But me, oh - they'll be right! Chuck them in! Watch them grow! Now that they have so completely gone crazy in the bed they're in, I think to look them up in my marvellous fruit and veg book (Diggers Club). 'Can grow up to 10 metres' it says!!! And I planted 4 of them!! In a metre wide patch!! So I spent a bit of time this afternoon painstakingly encouraging the vines to head towards the back fence so they can ramble over it at their leisure. Boy, I hope I have a lot of friends who will want pumpkins this autumn! Yes, you seasoned gardeners may laugh, but I'll be the one with the truckload of pumpkins at the end of the day! (Hopefully)

We had a lovely day yesterday in Nundle with some friends. I drooled over the wool (they have a wool mill), and managed not to buy too much. Also drooled over the fabrics at the Cottage on The Hill, but was convinced not to buy anything at the moment... And the children had a lovely time playing in the park. A nice day, over all.

Oh, and littlest chicken - oh what a chicken she is. Does anyone else have a child who will run nude all day, but refuses to use the potty and insists that a nappy is the only appropriate place to... you know... (I'm trying to be sensitive here).. do her business?

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Kyla Judd said...

amazing looking garlic! I always wondered what they looked like growing in the garden!