Sunday, September 14, 2008

Hedgehogs, llamas and other things

We had a great time at a nearby lavender farm on Friday. They had llamas, ostriches, donkeys, a Shetland pony and a camel. The kids had a marvelous time racing the ostrich up and down the fence, and she amused us by performing her mating dance!!!

I did some applique on some t-shirts on the weekend. Don't think applique is my thing - it drove me batty, and I have 2 more children's shirts promised... Anyway, these ones turned out ok - the crab is pretty cute I think.

And for my time-out today I made a Molly Chicken Hedgehog (except mine has loops, and should perhaps be called an echidna seeing it was made Down Under?). Very cute, and hijacked by littlest chicken already... She's very hard to resist when her little face lights up!

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