Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sights of the day

As I type, we are being serenaded by a cricket that has made it's way inside. Lovely music, but it has found itself a spot where it will be impossible to get it out! Oh well, hopefully it will make itself useful and eat some house spiders or similar. I wonder if they eat wolf spiders? The Willie Wagtail's eat the redback spiders under the eaves of the house - God bless them!

It has been a lovely spring day again today. The children have rediscovered the sandpit. Not much sand left, and a few dead redback spiders, but they aren't worried about that!

Chicken no.3 has discovered underpants in her cupboard and is now refusing to wear her nappies! I really don't think she's ready for toilet training, so it's going to be an interesting week.... with lots of washing!!

I've started my first quilt! Very exciting. Tune in next year and see if I've finished it....!

And chickie no.1 decided to do her own quilt as well...

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