Thursday, September 25, 2008

Wall art and eaten books

I have been drooling over the lovely wall art found at Wallallure. Lovely stuff, but here's me thinking 'yeah, I can do that with a bit of coloured contact!' The contact I have seems to be alright on the walls - in fact it's more likely to fall off than take the paint with it (and that's saying something, considering the thin paint on our walls!) So here's the finished product, which I plan to expand across chicken no.3's walls. (Of course, if you want the real thing which is much prettier and definitely won't damage your walls, best stick with the store above!).

So, by way of thanking me for my work, chicken no.3 ate some flaps from a book..... *sigh*. No, really, her face did light up when she saw the art and all that, which did make my heart very warm, but what is it with the cardboard?????

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Nicki said...

I love the wall art - it is really gorgeous. When I first saw the heading I thought it may have been some "creative" wall art care of the children!