Monday, September 8, 2008

Wings and things

I had one of those profound moments the other day, while I was potting my tomato seeds. A pair of really large black birds flew close overhead - I could see their feathers, and hear every rush of their wings. It was amazing. It made me think of Don Piper's book '90 minutes in heaven', where he is near the gates of heaven and can hear the constant rushing of angels wings. What an incredible sound that must be!

On a different note, here are some more aprons, modeled by some lovely lasses practicing for modelling school!! The more complicated one did finally make it out of the naughty-corner to be finished, but never again I say!

We had a family get together on Sunday to celebrate Father's Day and one of my sister's birthdays (Happy Birthday!!). The girls had a marvelous time setting up the exclusive Jeax Drive-through Cafe (Mongolian food, evidently!). With tasty dishes such as 'Fern Flurry', 'Moss Mash', and 'Jungle Jolly'. One of the boys, not to be outdone, set up his own restaurant selling 'Fleur-de-lis Fodder'. I still have a giggle, just thinking about it! I suspect my oldest sister had some influence on the naming of the latter dish - when I was little she decided she would help me rename my teddy bears. No longer were they called 'Pinkie', 'Softie', or 'Cuddles', but 'Septimus', 'Cassandra', and 'Roberto'.

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