Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Busy little bees

One of the lovely things about having the children at home all day is that they can concentrate on whatever task has their attention for hours and hours at a time. At the beginning of the year chicken no.1 spent weeks, almost continuously, on her Lego. A few months later chicken no.2 spent 3 days in a row almost exclusively colouring in. Chicken no.3 seems to have caught the bug today, and the textas have barely left her hand all afternoon.

If I had taken photos of the other children I would have captured them in the following poses:

Chicken no.1 running her own ballet class with her siblings (you wouldn't know that she hated going to ballet classes!).

Chicken no.2 is his music class, playing musical statues... except... well... he was always a statue!

I've been very busy sewing lately, but I can't show you the results - Christmas presents and all that! So instead I'll show you this lovely quilt my sister-in-law made for chicken no.1. I'm amazed by quilts (and I think I'm catching the bug, unfortunately!) - so many little pieces all so beautifully put together. I'm scratching my head over simple squares at the moment - I can't imagine working out all these complicated triangles.

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