Friday, October 10, 2008

Guest Blog

Here is the bag my son made, inspired by his cousin (Chicken No.1) who loves her craft. He made it for his Aunty who is having her birthday soon. We've all had a lovely, happy week here, and all the cousins have had such fun playing together. Highlights have been: watching the kids race furiously around the house on skateboards/ scooters/ bicycles and even on foot; having fun sewing together and swapping project ideas; visiting the lavendar farm and having a lovely day despite rain, thunderstorms and swooping magpies; listening to the 6 year olds read stories to each other and to the younger children; spending time together.

-- Thanks, Nicki! It's been a great week. And for my nephew: not a bad first attempt at a bag, eh?? Lets hope there's many more bag-making, mahjong-playing weeks like this in the future. xx Kathy

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