Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Chocolate, a Rave and Recorders

I discovered Green & Black's Maya Gold chocolate in the supermarket last night. Oh.... my.... goodness.... it is good! And it's free trade, organic, and all that, so I am really helping the environment and farmers etc..... That's what I'm gonna keep telling myself.

And speaking of the supermarket, we (being, my sister and myself - we always do our shopping together one evening a week. Very exciting - you were about to ask, weren't you??) were noticing last night just how many products have canola oil in them! Wow. We're avoiding it because we don't want to develop macular degeneration, but I had never really looked at how many things have it in. We normally buy the Meadow Lea 'Free' margarine (dairy free, as chicken no.1 has severe dairy allergy) because it tastes the nicest out of the dairy-free options, but it has canola! So it's back to the olive oil Nuttelex. Sorry if this is boring you, but boy - nasty ingredients make their way into everything! Makes me want to set up my own free range farm and grind my own grain and churn my own butter! Well... except butter is dairy.... but you understand what I mean...

On a different note (ha ha) chicken no.1 is taking up the recorder. I'm trying to be very patient and encouraging.... How long does it take before the squeak becomes a nice note??

Right, and a pretty picture, because you can't have a post without one, right?

This is what we see from our dining room window: lovely gold bunny roses climbing over the shed. It looks like there will be masses of them this spring. :)

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