Thursday, October 30, 2008

What to do with 30 children... what??

Let's count that again: 30 children and 9 adults squeezed into my house today! It was a Homeschool meeting day. The girls did their craft outside on a table in the shade, and the boys were inside learning how to sew. Well... not all of them were able to have a turn in the end, but 8 boys made themselves tote bags. (Note to self for next sewing day: allow 1/2 an hour per child) We had a great time! My little sewing machine and overlocker (that's a Serger for you overseas folks) have done a lot of work today! Boy, did they loooooove the overlocker (I did explain to them that it was basically a power tool). I suspect there might be a few mums going home to make themselves a bag too.

More photos to follow... hopefully.

So to relax after a busy day today, I did a bit of sewing. Yes, you did read that right. Don may have been heard to mutter "You'd think you'd had enough sewing for the day.." But there were all these lovely strips of material just begging to be made into a teddy bear quilt!

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