Saturday, October 18, 2008

A different kind of wall art... and a haircut.

Littlest chicken secretly had textas in her room during rest time. I wondered why she was so quiet.... She drew on almost every surface available.

Good thing they're 'washable'. (Off most things....)

I must say, to her defence, that she (and her siblings) did a great job cleaning it off again.

But then, not having had enough mischief for the day, she and her brother decided to dance on the dining table. Can't turn my back for a minute, I tell you! One of them fell off, of course, but thankfully avoided anything more than bruises.

And here's a picture for anyone who heard the rumour I was going to start cutting the girls hair myself... It turned out ok. I'm sure a hairdresser would be horrified, but to me it is functional, and looks ok! And if I could take a good picture, you would see just how glossy and beautiful and yummy her shampoo-free hair is!

A little note to those who are trying the shampoo-free/wash only with water thing, as I have had lots of questions: for children it seems to only take a couple of weeks of being shampoo-free before their hair 'stabilises' and starts looking nice again; for adults you're looking at a 6-week bad hair window before your head realises it can stop overproducing oil, and then it's a slow-ish process to feeling really nice again. For me it was about 9 months before my (long) hair returned to 'normal' (much less time for Don's hair). It looked alright, although, maybe not very shiny, but it felt a bit oiled. Definitely worth it though - think of how much money you save on shampoo, how much less chemicals go down the drain, and how much your scalp will thank you for it! You can also use bi-carb soda as a shampoo alternative (about 1 tablespoon in a cup of warm water) and apple cider vinegar as a conditioner alternative (about 1 tablespoon in a cup of water). Here endeth the hair rave.

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