Friday, December 26, 2008

Hope you had a Merry Christmas, and Happy Birthday to you today, Gus!

Sidetracking from Christmas thoughts to the garden for a minute... Let me tell you that when a label says that a plant is prolific, you should trust it. I planted a number of 'Lazy housewife beans' and this is about how many beans they are producing each day (see picture). I put a ruler there, because the largest bean is 22cm long... Beans, anyone?

And Don would only allow me to plant 2 zucchini plants (after the whole pumpkin vines going wild thing..), so I may have about another dozen seedlings wanting a good home.... Zucchini's, anyone?? I'm going to have to start a nursery at this rate... In fact, the patio outside our bedroom door is getting rather crowded with pots at the moment. Don gave me 2 flowering gum trees for Christmas as well, and my parents gave me another frangipani (they're very trusting, after I killed the last one!).

And this is the gift I was bursting to show you - I made a double bed quilt for one of my sisters. Well, I say "I", but mum helped me with the hand stitching (can't thank her enough!), and Robyn gave me endless advice and let me use her quilting machine (lovely lady!).

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