Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Don's parents are visiting us this week (no relevance to the above photo!!). We like visitors! (Hear that, friends? We like visitors! Hint, hint!) They have been hard at work weeding the veggie patch this morning, bless them. It is great timing, as my back is in a sad state, and the veggies would have been completely strangled by weeds (or pumpkins!!) if it had been left up to me.

I had a lovely morning tea this morning with mother's & children from chicken no.2's music class. They all brought/made morning tea for the children that was safe for my chicken no.1 to eat - I was so thankful for their thoughtfulness! Morning tea's are in general are a complete headache for me, so this made it a very pleasant morning instead! (She is severely allergic to milk & nuts). And I finished the day with a nice sewing evening with a friend. Amazing how much more quickly the sewing goes when you're having a good chat!

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