Sunday, December 7, 2008

The tree is up

The Christmas tree made it's way out of the cupboard this week. The children put the ornaments on, and I am amazed to say that 50% of them are still on the tree! Now who thought up the silly idea of making some of the ornaments look like wrapped presents? They've gone, of course - I'm not sure I've found all the little foam cubes from the inside of them. And only of one of the glowing snowmen has been broken.... And the ones that look like trumpets, well I didn't really expect them to stay on for more than about a minute. At least none of the balls have been bounced... yet.... I wonder what the ultimate tree ornament would be? One that children are happy to look at but doesn't look like a potential toy? Any ideas? I guess everything is a toy to a 2 year old...

May your tree point you towards heaven, may the star remind you of the one that lead to Jesus all those years ago, may the lights remind you of Christ - the light of the world, and may the candy cane remind you of his sacrifice for you.

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