Sunday, December 21, 2008

A warm summer's day

We have had a lovely mild day today. Very good weather for bike riding... Yesterday Don went to the tip and picked up a bike for chicken no.2 for $5! Not bad, eh? Although replacing the front tyre did cost a little more than that... He has barely been seen away from his bike except at mealtimes. When he woke this morning his first words were "I must ride my bike"!

We visited more neighbours today, bearing fudge. It's been great chance to have a chat. And I can't tell you how it happens, but we seem to leave with more than we arrive with! Last week we came home with a bag of nectarines, seeds, and a flower in pot. Today we came home with a cucumber, carrots, and cherry tomatoes! (Not to mention the beer Don seems to be offered everywhere!)

And a family piccie, courtesy of chicken no.1 (obviously she is not featured in it..). Don't ask me why chicken no.2 felt obliged to pull a monkey face.

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